Bank Shot companies respond to state claims of illegal gaming

The companies behind Bank Shot -- the bar game of skill or chance, depending on who you ask -- contended in a court document filed Tuesday that it's in fact a game of skill.

American Amusements Co. and America Distributing responded to a counterclaim filed in Lancaster County District Court by Nebraska officials who were sued by the companies, saying that the game does not violate Nebraska law.

"Skill is the dominating element that determines the result of any game played on the (Bank Shot) device," the document reads. "The (Bank Shot) device is a lawful game of skill."

The companies filed the lawsuit in September, requesting a restraining order to prevent confiscation of the games (the Nebraska State Patrol had seized and tested two in Grand Island) and declaration of the game's legality under Nebraska law.

In the state's response to the initial claim, Assistant Attorney General L. Jay Bartel wrote that Bank Shot is an illegal gaming device because chance is the overriding decider of who wins or loses money playing it.

More than 400 Bank Shot games have been distributed to bars throughout the state. The game rewards players who pick out winning patterns from ball combinations.

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