Bank Shot To Stay In Nebraska Bars

The attorney for Omaha based Greater America Distributing Company, Tom Locher, said the reprograming is complete.

A player used to be able to chose from 3 different modes.

Now there will only be one mode.

Also, the random number generator was removed from the game.

The bar owner of Critters in Lincoln said she doesn't know why the game is an issue.

"I see some people sit at it and play that dont really know the game and they dont win. so I very much consider it a game of skill," said Stephanie Maser, owner of Critters Bar.

A Lancaster County District Judge ruled bank shot was primarily a game of chance, and therefore illegal.

Judge Steven Burns ruled on Tuesday that one of the three ways the game can be played is legal.

He ordered the games either removed or reconfigured so they are legal by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Attorney General Jon Bruning said he might appeal portions of the ruling that aspects of the game are legal.

Illegal gambling machines are those where the outcome predominantly is determined by chance.

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