BankShot 2 Changes

To comply with the court’s order, the following reprogramming and reconfiguring has been made:

  • Slow Mode has been eliminated.
  • Fast Mode has been eliminated
  • The Green 1.5X pay zone has been eliminated and the play now begins in the yellow 1X pay zone. The Yellow 1X pay zone has been expanded to include the former Green pay zone. No changes have been made to the ½X, ¼X, and 0X pay zone timers.
  • A random number generator is no longer used in the Bonus Games. o For the Fast and Speed Break Bonus Games, the prize is now contained within a repeating and sequential table, similar to the main game puzzles. Now, when the player fills the meter, they are presented with the next prize in the table and there is no longer any placement of amounts behind any pool balls.
  • In an effort to clearly disseminate the reconfigured BankShot, the game logo has been changed to BankShot 2 and the Fast Break and Speed Break bonus indicators now have alternating color bars of light and dark (like a barber shop pole). 

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