BankShot Operators - Useful guide to changes starting January 1st, 2020

Form 57A: This form replaces Form 54, which was used in previous years to receive your MAD Tax Decals. Please complete Form 57A and submit it by December 13th, 2019.

Cost: Each provisional decal (tax sticker) for each game is now $250 per game that awards cash.

Location: Form 57A requires each location to be identified in Section 2. In addition, the square footage of that location must be included on the form, and a copy of the building's dimensions from the county assessor's office must be included. A copy of Form 57A will be needed for each physical location.

Serial Numbers: Each game must be assigned a serial number. We recommend using the three letters from your prize pool invoice and then a sequential number. Example: AAA-001. (The prize pool invoice letters are listed as your invoice number each month.)

Games per Location: There is a limit of 4 games within a location that is 4000sqft. Over 4000sqft. is allowed on additional game per 1000sqft. up to a maximum total of 15 games per location.

Age Limit: Anyone under 19 years of age may no longer play any game that awards cash. We recommend that you inform your locations as such, and post signage in the area of, or on the game that no one under 19 may play.

Credit-Debit card: No Credit or Debit cards or the like may be used to play games that award cash or gift certificates.

Form 57 and the $500 fee: We recommend you don't worry about that at this time. Currently, form 57 does not exist yet, and there seems to be some difference between what the NEDOR is saying needs to be done for submittal and the actual statute. This will get worked out in time.

Provisional Decals: Once you receive your decals, place the decals close to the bill accepter. Put them on by December 31st, 2019. Also, have decals on your machine identifying your company name, address and serial number of the game.

Copy of Form 57A: Please make and send a copy of Form 57A to us. This will help us attest that the game is identical to which we have already tested. You may omit, or remove your social security number if you would like. Also, we do not need the county accesor location size.

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