State Gambling Laws Could Be Tightened

LINCOLN-Some of the state's top officials aren't taking any chances when it comes to gambling.

They want to limit the odds of illegal gambling from slipping through the cracks of current laws.

State Lawmakers are hoping new legislation will do just that.

"Lately there's a growing concern that machines intended for amusement are being used indeed as a potential backdoor attempt to expand gambling," said State Senator Tony Fulton of Lincoln.

State Senator Tony Fulton is teaming up with Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning to restrict gaming machines they say amount to illegal gambling.

"You have the opportunity to make or win thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. That represents gambling," said Senator Fulton.

Under State Senator Fulton's bill, gaming machines could not provide cash, alcohol or tobacco payouts, and the value of prizes doled out per play could not exceed $10 dollars.

The bill could also make it tougher to offer games where an element of chance, instead of skill, is involved.

That's a question the game Bank Shot has had plenty of attention for in the last year.

But supporters of the game say, no doubt it's a game of skill.

"It's hand eye coordination. You've got to be fast, you've got to recognize the combinations that come up," said Sheri Gillispie in an earlier interview.

Fulton says that his bill would shine light on those questions.

"If we can bring this bill forward, it becomes law and we will have a clearer delineation of a game of skill," said Fulton.

That could end some bets before they even begin.

The state is fighting an Omaha-based maker and distributor of the a video game Bank Shot, over whether the game is an illegal game of chance or a legal game of skill.

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