Bar Video Game Raises Legal Questions

Despite a recent controversy over the legality of a new video game popping up in bars across the state, local bar owners indicate they don't intend to abandon it unless it is proven to be illegal.

Legal or Not?

A new game is showing up in bars all over the state. BankShot is receiving mixed reviews from those who enjoy the game and from those who believe it violates state law.

Gambling or a Video Game? Nebraska Struggles with Tavern Machines

Here on GamePolitics? we have - by design - ignored issues relating to electronic gambling games. That's because, as a form of entertainment, video games are quite distinct from gambling. But that line may be blurred a bit by a new generation of tavern games which appear to require video game-like skills to win, rather than mere luck.

Video game stokes debate over skill vs. chance

In bars and taverns across Nebraska, players are pumping money into a video game that looks like a slot machine, sounds like a slot machine and promises thousand-dollar jackpots like a slot machine. But the flashy game known as Bank Shot is not a slot machine.